Our UK TV Service is FREE to all ADSL and 3G Internet customers

uktv-iconOur UK TV service is provided FREE to all our ADSL and 3G Internet customers. Sign up for one of our ADSL or 3G internet packages, purchase our set-top box, and you'll be able to access 11 free-to-air UK television channels. Our set-top box comes with a remote control, and 7-day programme guide. Upgrade to our Premium package, and get all 40+ channels and our 8-day catch-up service!

We supply 40+ leading TV & radio channels...

UK TV Channels from Europa Network

Enjoy UK TV for free

All you need is a Europa Network ADSL Internet connection, and we will be able to deliver a Standard Definition TV service with only 1.1Mbps ADSL speed. For slower speeds, we have a Low Definition service using less than 350Kbps.

Get a set-top box for your TV

You can view our UK TV service on your TV set with our set-top box. It comes with a remote control, and includes our full 7-day-ahead TV guide ("Electronic Program Guide") to what's on. The one-off cost of our Set Top Box is 129.95€.

Enjoy our Premium package

Our Premium package gives you access to all 40+ UK TV channels. It comes with a 8-day catch-up service, so you can watch anything you've missed. Not only that, but you can pause, rewind and fast-forward every programme!

FREE UK TV with all ADSL Internet packages

Our basic UK TV service comes free with all our ADSL Internet packages!