We can save you money on your landline

phone-iconNot only will Europa Network save you money on your landline rental in Spain, but we'll also make your billing a whole lot easier, with one single regular monthly bill. Our technical support services are all in English, meaning no more frustrating phone calls to Telefonica... Take advantage of the benefits of Europa Network's Line Rental service, and you can even keep your existing phone number!

Low cost line rental

Not only can we offer you the facility of moving your line rental away from Telefonica, but for a one-off transfer fee of 19.95€, we can reduce your monthly line rental to only 14.95€.

• 1 simple monthly bill
• Cheaper line rental than Telefonica
• You can keep your existing number

No Fixed line?

Telefonica is no longer the only provider to install landlines. We can install your fixed line for you, anywhere in Spain! Your telecoms services will all be on one bill, from day 1.

• We can install your landline
• Enjoy our fast ADSL Internet service
• Tech. support in English

Low cost UK calls

Europa Network provides fixed-line telephone services at great prices in Spain! We offer a fantastic call rate to UK (landlines and mobiles) of just 1¢/min!

• Call UK for 1 ¢/min.

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