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internet-iconEuropa Network offers a fast and reliable ADSL Internet service with no download limits! All our ADSL packages come with free technical support in English, and our FREE UK TV service. ADSL Internet is delivered using your fixed phone landline, and an internet modem. Sign up for any of our ADSL Internet packages, and our couriers will promptly deliver your modem to your door.


Your modem / router

Sign up for an ADSL package and our courier service will deliver your 300Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ Modem / Router directly to your door.

Low cost phone calls

When you join Europa Network you can call UK fixed lines and mobiles for 1 cent per minute with no connection charges. Terms and conditions apply.

Fast Internet - 3G Home

No fixed landline? Europa Network 3G Home is for you!

Europa Network 3G Internet3G Home Internet is the perfect high-speed solution when you don't have a fixed landline, or are unable to get a reliable ADSL connection at your location. The system consists of a 3G Wireless router connected to our dedicated 3G network. You can take your connection with you anywhere within our coverage area, at home, at the office, or anywhere else. Simply pick up your router, and plug it in at your new location!

True unlimited downloads

With a Europa Network 3G Home connection, there are no download or data limits. Our 3G Home service is a true unlimited service. Watch live TV online (or on your TV set with our UK TV Set-Top Box), and download music and movies to your heart’s content!

3G Internet Package

Fast, reliable internet from Europa Network

Interested in our fast, reliable and secure internet service? We'll get you online in no time!